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Jmet held a conference on production safety

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On April 1, JMET held a conference on production safety. Company leaders, heads of departments, security protectors of each unit and key security post staff participated in the meeting. Company party committee secretary, Chairman, general manager Zhou An presided over the meeting and speech, party committee members, Discipline commission secretary Wu Jinlong conveyed the superior on the safety of production of four important documents, and on behalf of the Company party committee, General manager's committee on the company's next step in the production of safety work deployed.

In his speech, Zhou An stressed that all units and departments of the company should draw on the profound lessons of the "321" Xiangshui explosion of a chemical enterprise, earnestly in accordance with the requirements of  Guoxin group and Sainty group, seriously grasp the implementation, focus on doing the following work to ensure safe production is foolproof: First, to improve the political position, firmly establish the concept of safe production; Second, we should take immediate action to re-check and reorganize the production safety; Third, we should strictly implement the responsibility system of production safety, layer lamination and real responsibilities, so as to achieve party and administration accountability, one post double responsibility; Four to promote source governance, the construction of a long-term mechanism of corporate security governance, in the organization, system, mechanism, measures to grasp the implementation, to achieve high attention, keep bell alarming.

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