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Jmet held an anlysis meeting for firt quarter of 2019

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On April 18, the company held an analysis meeting for the first quarter of 2019. Yang qing feng, The chairman and general manager;Wang ya ming, deputy general manager ;Wei qing wen, general manager of the financial Department of SAINTY Group, and related personnel of the functional Department of the group participated in the meeting. Yang qing feng made an important speech.

At the meeting, different business sections' leaders and the heads of various business departments, reported the first quarter of the operating conditions according to the company's annual target requirements, and the second quarter's work plan. The chairman and general manager of the company, Zhou an, commented on the work reports of various sections and business departments and summarized the first quarter of the company's work. He said that the company's economic indicators in the first quarter showed a steady and positive situation, mainly thanks to the following work, First is to do business work early to grasp the reality, in the beginning of the year to achieve clear mission goals, clear business ideas, clear specific measures; Second, actively promote the settlement of historical issues; The third is to highlight key projects and speed up the clearing of arrears; The fourth is to speed up the clean-up and integration to ensure the completion of the group's tasks; Fifth, is earnestly to improve production safety management, ensure production safety and ensure business safety. Sixth, to promote the development of a comprehensive risk management system. For the work in the second quarter, Mr. Zhou put forward the following requirements: First, must focus on practical management, strive for more than half of the time, half of the task; Second, need to strengthen the system construction. Third, must steadily promote the adjustment of the company's equity structure; Fourth, continue to optimize the incentive and restraint mechanism; Fifth, need to carry out special activities to improve the style of work and promote the improvement of the style of work. Sixth, need to strengthen the prevention and control of business risks in an all-round way. Seventh, must do a good job in the two-way integration of party construction and management.

Yang qing feng confirmed the company's first quarter's work. He pointed out that Jmet has accurately grasped the group's requirements for the company's adjustment and transformation and annual responsibility. The development thinking is becoming clearer and clearer. The first quarter's operating performance is also a good point. For the next step of the company's work, Yang qing feng stressed that, one must further strengthen the development consciousness, ideas and measures to implement in detail; Second, need to standardize the liquidation of the equity of natural persons; Third, must continuously strengthen control and ensure business safety. Fourth, need to speed up the optimization of internal mechanisms. Fifth, need to step up efforts to clean up and integrate the relevant work processes. Sixth, must attach great importance to safety in production for ever.

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