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Jmet joins hands with partners to build a cross-border warehousing project in Hefei

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On July 2, the company's cross-border electronic business accounting enterprise warehousing project held a grand opening ceremony in the comprehensive bonded zone of Hefei economic and technological development area(HETDA),The project was jointly created by the company's joint partner KIDSWANT and Jiangsu Zhongchuang. Hefei Municipal Bureau of Commerce, HETDA Comprehensive Bonded Zone, LuZhou Customs(Funding), Ministry of Finance China Financial and Cultural Assets Management(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Soho One Belt and One Road Foundation and Wyeth, Swisse, Nestle and other mother and child brand companies participated in this opening ceremony.

The company's storage project in Hefei is a cross-border central warehouse of the famous online & offline platform KIDSWANT for children's products. Its operation guarantees the implementation of the omnichannel strategy. Through this warehouse, the unified allocation and distribution of goods can be achieved, and the control of logistics, information flow, and financial flow can be centralized, so as to serve each consumer and partner more efficiently and easily.

Chairman of the company, Zhou An, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. In his speech, he thanked all parties for their efforts and support. He also said that Jmet Corporation established an accounting company in the comprehensive bonded zone of HETDA to speed up the cross-border e-commerce import and export trade. It gives full play to the advantages of state-owned enterprises in integrating resources. It is also an important attempt in the transformation of enterprise development mode and business type innovation. After more than 40 years of development and accumulation, Jmet has formed a complete management pattern and professional service team for product import, storage, and logistics, and has established a good strategic cooperation with a large number of high-quality domestic and foreign enterprises, Kidswant is the representation. Under The new project cooperated with Kidswant, we believe that all parties will work hand in hand to achieve win-win results.

Chen Jin, vice-president of the company, and the heads of relevant management departments and business departments participated in the opening ceremony.

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