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The Communist Youth League Held a Theme Class

Views:7     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-01-26      Origin:Site

On May 5, as an event to celebrate the Youth Day and strengthen the league’s organizational cohesion, Mr. Duan Zhiwei, the Party’s Secretary of Jmet was invited to give a theme class to all youth employees.

In the class, Duan Zhiwei, referring to the social phenomenon and his abundant career experience, encouraged the young employees to set up a modesty ideal, to work practically and realistically, down to the earth, to stick to the duty and to do a solid work. His words would be helpful for yound staff to broaden mind on work, widen visions, adjust working mood, aim at the right direction and grasp the working methods. Meanwhile, Duan expected the youth crews to keep improving themselves, their career and life through their own efforts and therefore to contribute to the transformation and development of the company.

Mr. Zhou An, Vice President, youth affairs committee member of the party, attended this class.


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