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  • Jmet joins hands with partners to build a cross-border warehousing project in Hefei

    On  July  2,  the  company's  cross-border  electronic  business  accounting  enterprise  warehousing  project  held  a  grand  opening  ceremony  in  the  comprehensive  bonded  zone  of  Hefei  economic  and  technological  development  area(HETDA),The  project  was  jointly  created  by  the  company's  joint  partner  KIDSWANT  and  J

  • JMET held the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Party and recognition conference

    On  the  morning  of  July  1,  the  company  held  a  commemoration  of  the  98th  anniversary  of  the  founding  of  the  Party  and  an  advanced  recognition  conference  in  the  conference  room  on  the  sixth  floor.  Sainty  Group  Party  Committee  Theme  Education  Second  Directing  Group  leader  Wang  Yongping  attended  the  conf

  • The launch ceremony of the 2nd Reading Club and leadership promotion training of JMET was successfully held

    On  the  afternoon  of  June  24th,  the  launch  ceremony  of  the  second  reading  club  of  JMET  and  the  special  training  of  "Replicable  Leadership"  were  held  in  the  company's  608  conference  room.At  the  launch  ceremony,  Chen  Jin,  deputy  general  manager  of  the  company,  announced  that  the  second  reading  meeting 

  • The company held "Don't forget the initial aspiration and remember the mission" theme education mobilization and deployment meeting

    On  June  21st,  the  company  held  a  mobilization  and  deployment  meeting  of  "  Not  Forgetting  the  Initial  Aspiration  and  Remembering  the  Mission".  The  company's  party  secretary,  Zhou  An,  presided  over  the  meeting.  Zhou  An  conveyed  the  spirit  of  mobilization  and  deployment  of  the  Party  Committee  of  Guoxin

  • JMET Held the Analysis Meeting of Last Five Monthes' Operation

    On  the  morning  of  June  10th,  the  company  held  a  business  analysis  meeting  with  two  topics:  one  is  to  convey  the  spirit  of  operational  analysis  meeting  of  mother  group  SAINTY;  Second,  summarize  and  analyze  the  business  situation  from  January  to  may,  and  refine  the  next  phase  of  work  measures.  Zhou  An

  • The new president of Munchkin Asia Pacific region Mr. Kevin Bush visited us

      On  May  28,  Mr.  Kevin  Bush,  the  new  president  of  Munchkin  Asia-Pacific  region,  visited  us  accompanied  by  Wu  YuFeng,  sales  director  of  Munchkin  Shanghai  Branch.  Chairman  Zhou  An,  welcomed  Mr.  Kevin  Bush  and  his  party.Zhou  An  first  welcomed  Mr.  Kevin  Bush's  visit  on  behalf  of  JMET,  congratulated  Mr.  K

  • The Company Launched the "Year of Working Style Improvement" Special Event

    As  one  of  the  company's  important  work  in  2019,  the  special  event  named“Year  of  working  style  improvement”  has  been  officially  launched  after  full  preparation.  On  April  22nd,  the  company  held  a  meeting  to  improve  working  style.  All  the  middle-level  managers  and  employees  of  General  Management  Depart

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