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The Company Launched the "Year of Working Style Improvement" Special Event

Views:18     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-04-25      Origin:Site

As one of the company's important work in 2019, the special event named“Year of working style improvement” has been officially launched after full preparation. On April 22nd, the company held a meeting to improve working style. All the middle-level managers and employees of General Management Department participated in the meeting. Zhou An, Secretary of CPC Committee, Chairman of the Board, General Manager of the company presided over the meeting and made a pep talk. Wu Jinlong, Secretary for Disciplinary Inspection of the company, announced the program of the event and introduced the guiding ideology, working requirements, methods and steps of the activity.

In the speech, Mr. Zhou emphasized that, firstly, one must fully realized the importance of style construction and continuous improvement, which are the bases for personal progress and the foundation of company development. Secondly, leaders must establish problem-oriented framework, and focus on key work which must be fully implement. Thirdly, leaders must set an example in acting in all aspects of work. Fourthly, we must closely follow the core of work. All the work of the company can be developed under the promotion of the activity which must be verified by final performance. Fifthly, we need to improve the responsibility system, supervision and evaluation mechanism so as to ensure the construction of working style to continue in the long term.

Mr. Zhou hopes all staff can advance professional qualities and the company can develop and grow driven by the event, which will become a strong support for future development.


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